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tonight -- >> derek val kurt is tracking the storms we've had and bob turk has more on storms coming up. >> the shower and thunderstorms activity, you see it moving off to the east and to the southeast and we take a look at one of these storms, see what way it is moving. this one between butler, worthington, valley, chestnuttic and oregon ridge -- chestnut and oregon ridge. this one moving to the east or to thiest. this is moving toward jacksonville. we have some storms in the area and some folks are gonna see some heavy, heavy downpours. we're 'talking maybe .25 to .50. it looks like at least for the time being south of the city, not a whole lot going on but we may see the change later as the front kind of waggles through art yay. we'll see -- through the area. cumberland out to garrett county. there's more chances or chances
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of rain across the entire region tonight and then tomorrow. we've already had reports in the ocean city area with this particular moving off into the ocean. they did have as much as two inches of rain. so we had some decent rain, maybe a lot more could help the drought situation. 90 degrees right now. it will be dropping with the rain. denise? vic? >> all right. thank you. first warning weather coverage continues now with derek val court live in baltimore with damage lest behind by last night's powerful storms. >> reporter: those storms not as strong as the ones we had a couple of weeks ago that knocked out power for tons of thousands. but it knocked out trees, power lines and sparked some areas. you can see the line of storms
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that stretched across the region, bringing in intense rain and at times, intense lightning. it was lightning that struck their man's home. >> i was looking out the back door seeing -- seen like a flare going off. i yelled to my wife we've been hit. >> fire began to spread through their home. firefighters got the blaze under control. >> a new remodel the kitchen, and what's not burnt is water damaged. >> reporter: lightning blamed for another fire here in crownsville. nearby crews spent time cleaning up crews. transit officials were sporessed -- were forced down. the storm cause the problems in d.c. and its maryland suburbs. high winds took off this massive tree in the district.
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brenda wilson watched as lightning blew out -- >> i was standing right outside my home. i could see it right up the street. it was big. it looked like fire in the sky. >> reporter: the intense rain cause the minor localized flooding, leaving a messy clean up for a few homeowners. bge says the power -- the storm knocked out power to about 9300 of their customers. all of those customers and bge on standby right now in case the storms -- we're starting to get some rain, in case the storms knock out more power. >> thank you. breaking news. a police pursuit just ended with a crash. here's more. >> reporter: good afternoon. the house we're looking at now, we saw the -- we saw the driver get out of the vehicle and run to the house after the accident of the accident happened on telegraph road just south of bwi. we were following the vehicle
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all the way to downtown baltimore. we got on 395 and then down on 6 95 to 97, and after he eximed he was trying to get through backed up traffic and ran into the side of a car. so there is at least it -- existed he was trying to get through, barked up traffic and ran into the side of a car. so there's at least part of it right here. >> jeff, pan back a little bit. let's see where the traffic is. also, we don't see the police activity. >> reporter: okay. what we have right now is just the police have arrived to the accident scene. there they are right now. there's no police activity in the woods. i understand the off the chase, the high speed chase back in baltimore, we just happened to have the right vehicle, the only police
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activity ewe see right now is the single car right at the accident. >> thank you, jeff. we'll check back in with you if you have any develop on the story. this, of course, is the live scene we've been telling you about. a police chase ends with a crash. we'll have more information as it becomes available. we're gonna go live to mike hel gem. goes -- mike helgrem. just hours ago, a senator spoke to congress alarmed about what could happen next after this water main break. mike has carden and outrage. >> reporter: denise, it's even more of a mess right now. what captain jeff was just talking about, the police chase that went through, it damaged some water lines. we'll get to that in a moment,
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but first, this is just a symptom of some much larger problems. >> reporter: all right. we don't have the right video right there. but i want to talk to you a almost bit about what happened here. the dodge durango tore right through here, tore through the barricades her, it went over the temporary water lines and caused them to break and bob if we can go over here a little bit. you request see water is spewing out just over on the other side of the intersection. you can see the barricade here has -- has been damaged -- has been damaged significant i. at this point, we're not sure how
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bad the damage is to the temporary water lines. i saw -- the driver had a very determined look on his face. he went straight down, went to the federal building, causing some major, major problems downtown before the grab apparently we have -- before the crash. apparently, we have video of the crash. >> reporter: it was just crazy to watch. i -- was like a movie. i didn't know what was hatching when the dodge tore through redwood street. it's amazing he got that far up in the anne arundel county area in just those few minutes. i didn't know where he was going. the water crews have scram bemed to. scram bethlehemed to get things back -- scram bemed to get things back -- the water drews
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have scrambled to get things back -- >> i don't want to confuse our viewers. that was video of the -- the video we just showed was video of the crash that happened in anne arundel county. the crash you are talking about, we're trying get it cued up. >> reporter: okay. trying to get it cued up. >> right. >> reporter: okay. >> and right now there is a minor setback. >> reporter: i agree. we don't nope if they need to -- we don't know if any need to flush out the fire lines. they put the -- if they need to flush out the fire lines --
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fire lines. thank you. we'll send it back to you. well, a pilot was killed near the airport in berlin. witness say the plane began have engine trouble. other witnesses say the wing appeared to have struck a tree before crashing. the pilot was killed. no one was hurt. the ntsb was notified. no word yet on the identity of the pilot. dramatic new developments in the trayvon martin murder case. his parents react after george zimmerman talks publicly about the night he was killed. randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: the parents of trayvon martin said the god they worship with would not want their son shot to death. >> i don't think god would have
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that in his plan. >> reporter: martin's parents appeared on tv after zimmerman sat down. >> i feel it's all god's plan. >> reporter: in his interview with sean hannity, he counted how he -- how he called police. he claims the unarmed 17-year- old approached him and started throwing punches and if broke his nose. >> he said you are gonna [bleep] >> reporter: he said he had no choice but to use his gun. >> i do wish there was something, anything, that i could have done that wouldn't didn't put me in the position where i had to take his life. >> she's the one that made the decision to get out -- he's the one that made the decision to get out of the vehicle that night. >> reporter: martge's parents believe he targeted their son because he's black. they stay he -- martin's
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parents believe he targeted their son because he's black. >> i just don't believe what he says. it hurts a great deal. >> reporter: zimmerman faces a charge of second and is free on a $1 political bond. randall pinkston, wjz "eyewitness news." >> zimmerman says he can't imagine what martin's parents go through every day and pray for them every day. catching drug dealers in the act is one benefit of the city's crime watch camera program. now the city is expanding it and you can help. wjz is live at city headquarters. here'smore. >> reporter: hi, vic. well, the new program is an attempt to get the community
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involved in helping to stop and solve screams. more cameras to fight more crimes. the baltimore city police department's camera system hast just expanded. this foundation is providing a $53,200 grant that will allow police to act as private and public security scam raws at businesses and eventually home to the discretion of the owner. right now, baltimore city police have access is to more than 550 cameras to help them keep a watch out to crime. >> if something kicks off and goes awry, we could look at ure database and say, okay, this crime happened there. they have a camera.
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wow. let's check it out. >> reporter: this has credibilitied more than 12 -- to more than 1200 arrests. last year, this fatal shooting was caught on camera -- this has contributed to more than 1200 arrests. last year, the fatal shooting was caught on camera. >> if the crime happens inside of the store. we have to find out do you have a camera? is it operational? we already have that with this. >> reporter: and once the scene of a flash mob robbery say having police on their store is extra security they would expect. >> we're standing here -- [inaudible] >> reporter: people will have to register their equipment with the police department. city firefighters are
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joined by firefighters from around the region to climb the steps at the hilton hotel. each climbs the equivalent of 110 stories and the number of stories in the world trade center. the event raises money for the national fallen firefighters' fund. as we saw, many of them are in the turnout gear. it has to be difficult. still to come -- a dramatic end to a police pursuit that started in downtown baltimore. a live downdate from the scene. a man tries to abduct a little girl off the streets of philadelphia. how she caught him off. i'm mary bubala.
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it is 84 degrees and showers in central maryland right now. the first warning forecast is coming up. we want to update the breaking news, a dramatic crash in anne arundel county after a chase that started. mary has more. >> it was a dramatic scene that unfold the just off 97 a short time -- unfolded just off 97 a short time ago. this dodge durango was involved in a dramatic crash. you are about to see it right there on telegraph there. the suv was being pursued in
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the city after apparently sideswiping several cars. police pulled off that pursuit once the durango got on the 395 and then on 95. the truck continued on 97 when it got off on telegraph road. we saw the suspect bail out of the car, ran through the woods. wee saw the suspect -- we saw the suspect go through. he tried to go through. he couldn't. you see here. he's going through thick brush. there's homes nearby. there is a shed nearby. that's when we lost sight of him. but again, an active search for him. denise? >> du, mary. that takes us to sky 134. captain -- thank you, mary. that takes us to sky 13.
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captain, have they been able to find the suspect? >> reporter: we're looking at arun del 1 police helicopter -- anne arundel 1 police helicopter -- 1 police. we saw this as we were following it. so far the suspect ran into the woods and was seen in a field over here and appears to have run back into the field or back into the woods. we're keeping an eye on him. i'm captain jeff back too you -- back tu. >> it did not appear that the suspect was injured? >> no the suspect did not
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appear to be injured. they are searching by school and -- >> reporter: yes. >> right now the suspect is still on the loose in anne arundel county. thank you, captain jeff. let's get an update on the repairs. what's the latest? >> right now you can see work is still underway. they are trying to get this fixed. the senator says the problems are a symptom of something much larger. the break of a 133-year-old water main turned light street into water. it was high risked, it had not been replaced. this senator is calling ong congress for help -- calling on
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congress for help. >> this not a one-state problem. this is a national problem. i can tell you people are outraged. >> reporter: baltimore city's crumbling system, even with water rates going up 9% and $3million of pipe replacement many fear it is not enough. mayor stephanie testified that she would like to see some form of a trust fund established. this makes sense. back on light street, a tell foe rarely water system -- temporary water system. >> i'm shocked. it looks scare the. >> anxious -- it looks scary. >> anxious, scared. >> reporter: they discovered a bigger main was about to crash.
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>> many wonder when and where the emergency struck. >> reporter: there was some damage just about 40 minutes ago when the car chase found its way through. other than that, the work continues to go on on light street. reporting live downtown, back to you. >> so there are no more interruptions, thank you, mike. the final cost has not been tallied but is estimated to be in the millions. >> and it affects a lot of people. we had heavy rain occurring across baltimore county, heavy downpours, up to phoenix and jacksonville. worthington valley had a lot of it, all the way to perry,
6:23 pm
joplin, bel air. that's ual moving slowly -- all moving slowly off to the east. some folks could see an inch of rain. still at the airport, 90. we dropped to the low 80s. everybody else is much, much ,,,,,,,,
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bock? >> right now dash dash bob? >> right now, it doesn't look like -- bob? >> it doesn't look like -- well, lightning and downpours could cause it. 68 oakland, 75 in ocean city. it did rain there. it had wind gusts over 50 miles an hour near ocean city. 79, 79. generally mid- to upper 80s except the 70s. we'll bring in cooler air and a risk of more rain.
6:27 pm
the thunder system is hanging to the region. so in northern georgia, the front, south of it, very humid air. cooler air. more storms moving into the west. tonight, later on. even into saturday, additional chances of rain and that's a good thing consider how dry it's been lately -- considering how dry it's been lately. a lot cooler temperatures, east winds. that will bring some of that moisture in. 8 4 degrees at -- 84 degrees at thomas light. there could be heavy downpours. back up to 82, maybe in the 70s. if we have a cloudy, rainy day, and there will be some areas of 1 to 2 inches of rain between now and friday night. and that would certainly help our drought situation. still to come -- caught on tape, speeding the wrong way,
6:28 pm
down a had you -- down a busy highway. see what happens. and new information on the suspect and possible connections to the u.s. in this plot. plot. coming up, we'll tell you ,,
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chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico,
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it is just after 6:350. showers and 84 -- 6:30. showers and 84 degrees. thanks for staying with us. breaking news. a police chase that began in downdown malt more -- baltimore. and mary is in the newsroom with more. >> it was a dramatic scene that unfolded just off 97 a short time ago. this dodge durango involved in the dramatic crash at the telegraph road and morgan station road. the suv was being pursued. police pull the off the pursuit once the durango got on 394. the -- pulled off the -- pulled
6:32 pm
off the pursuit once the durrahn go got on 394. the driver took off on foot and then there a large police presence now at the scene searching for the of suspect. there's k-9s there. at last report, the suspect ran behind a school. he was by a house and a and a shed -- he was by a shouse and a -- a house and a shed. denise? >> thank you, mary. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. of we're live with drought watch coverage with more on the -- we're live with more on the drought conditions. here's mere with monique
6:33 pm
griego. >> reporter: smoke filled the air over the eastern shore after a massive brush fire ignited. flames threat everyoned homes -- threatened homes. >> we've been setting a lot of records. the rest of the state was doing okay. they were still dry. wendy says the eastern shore are the areas hardest hit by drought conditions. the lack of rainfall only made worse by extremely high temperatures. the ground and the plants are dry. >> reporter: nearly a month after the fire started, it's contained. with the threat of brush fires, that's not the only problem. and right now mcpherson says
6:34 pm
agriculture is what's being affected the most. >> even around june 25th, we probably had as much potential as we ever had for a big crop. >> i would imagine the water is gonna evaporate because it's been so hot. >> reporter: and state leaders are asking everyone to conserve water when possible. denise? >> thank you. and our drought watch coverage continues. tim williams tracking the storms right now. >> definitely, denise, our drought watch continues. right new as men neek mentioned, the lower eastern shore does not seem to be getting a ton but we've seen a thunderstorm watch. that's because of the storms rolling through there. that is until 7:15 this evening. the storms are rolling through. that's what we're watching
6:35 pm
popping up. right now, we do not have as much severe activity out there. but that thunderstorm is something we're gonna have to keep an eye out there. so we will continue to keep you posted on that. as far as our totals. we have been talking about this, be a normally dry -- abnormally dry. we're from cecil dry, moderate drought down to the eastern shore. as you can see down to ocean city that area, again, is under drought conditions because of the concentrated areas we see down there but no widespread rain in that area for some time. as far as our rain totals for the year, normally we're up around 23-inches. year to date we've been up around 14 inches which gives us a deficits of 9 inches of rain. the rain moving through will help to ease some of those drought conditions. right now we still need a lot
6:36 pm
of it. we'll have your five-day forecast and talk about more rain coming up. >> thank you, tim. we invite you to stay with us for the complete coverage, for the drought condition and to see if the rain is heading your way. new information about the suspect in the deadly bus bombing in bulgaria that killed several israeli tourists. he carried a u.s.-issued driver's license. here's more. >> reporter: airport surveillance video shows the suspect the bomber shortly after the -- suspected bomber. the ban was dressed as austerist and carried a fake michigan driver's license. the attack happened wednesday shortly after israelis boarded their had bus on the way to a popular black sea resort. the severely injured are recovering in local hospital. >> i feel my leg, two legs. >> the fire, all of the glass
6:37 pm
is broken, people hurt without leg and without head. >> reporter: israel blames the bombing on hezbollah, an iranian-back the militant group and is -- iranian-backed millie grant group. >> iran must be exposed as the community and state that it is. >> reporter: iran denies any involvement. bulgarian officials says the bomber had been in the country as love as as week. they are using dna samples -- as long as a week. they are using dna samples. those hurt in the crash have returned home to israel son a military charter -- returned home to israel on a military chart he. the tour operator staid 10,000 israelis booked the same charter this summer. half canceled after the attack.
6:38 pm
>> the -- we have new information about nidal hassan. according to a new report, the fbi had warnings he was an islamic extremist bent on killing civilians. but the agency did not launch an investigation. he once worked here in maryland. the army private charged in the biggest leak of class my the information in u.s. history wants to defend -- of classified information in u.s. history wants to defend himself. he wants to argue in part that the leaks did not do much harm but military prosecutors say the consequences are irrelevant. he's accused of leaking thousands of documents to the website wikileaks. still to come tonight --
6:39 pm
sudden impact. a massive explosion levels a house in illinois. what went wrong? bob turk, a cooler weekend on tap but rain on the way as well. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories at this hour -- for updates and all of the day's news, ,,,,,,,,,
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congress faces another showdown for the department of defense. pat warren explains, maryland jobs are at stake. >> reporter: military might and economic recovery apparently working across purposes with the potential 56 billion in defense department cuts and 59 billion in nondefense cuts set to take effect in january. >> in maryland, we have fort mead, n.s.a. and aberdeen. >> around pink slips going out -- going out in november. >> the house has sent a bill
6:43 pm
over. it was one of those bills that seemed to die in the nate. this would allow us to not -- die in the senate. and unfortunately, the senate is not taking action. >> i don't think we'll come to gridlock. in fact, the house is already talking beck tenting the tax rates -- talking beck tending the tax rates -- talking about extending the tax rates. >> it's hurting families. >> reporter: whatever action lawmakers take in the coming weeks and months there will be a short turnaround to voter reaction. i'm pat warren. back to you on tv hill. a scene of total destruction after a house explosion in a small town in illinois. these aerials show a small portion of a wall was left
6:44 pm
standing. authorities say one person was in the house at the time of the explosion. she was taken to the hospital. her condition not known. fire officials have ruled out national gas. nobody was hurt in the accident. police say the man has been charged with reckless driving. and here is a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,
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ago that we watched police arrest the driver who appears to be involved in that chase. the person was hiding behind a vacant home. they were out in the woods. we saw about a dozen police
6:48 pm
officers surrounding that area. they had rifles. they had guns drawn. the house is right next to a mcdonald's. so there was a crowd of people watching this arrest happen. the arrest happened next to where the dodge durango went off the road and slammed into another car. this police chase originated in baltimore city. we know that baltimore city stopped chasing that car. we just arrived here. that is where the car went off the road. we're working to get more information from police as to why this person was running from police. as of right now, we know the driver of that car is in custody here in anne arundel county. denise? >> and did he appear to be injured? >> reporter: we're not sure if he is a -- if the suspect is a male or female but he did not appear to be injured.
6:49 pm
>> thank you. we'll have much more at 11:00. let's go to bob tracking the radar. bob? >> just a plint ago, the weather service issued -- minute ago, the weather service issued a warning until 7:30. look at the heavier rain coming down from baltimore county. right now it's over the city. could be gusty winds. also to the west of us we've had another system develop with another warning over the hagerstown, morgansville. we have some activity in the region. it looks like it will continue. and more stuff happening tomorrow. could be heavier rain. temperatures in the 70s. more shower activity on saturday. 84, drying out. it looks like sunday will be a decent day.
6:50 pm
if you went out right now watch out for that heavy rain. denise? >> thank you, bob. there's the ocean city forecast. those of you lucky enough to be going to the ocean. when we come back, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> good news for the birds. they've been floundering lately but there was hope with this four-game strip to minnesota. facing the twins, they got the worst record in the league but the birds lost the first two. they bounced back, won a close down, looking to finish on a good note. chen, the starting pitcher, he did his job. he threw 7 innings. allowed just 3 runs. that should be good enough for his teammates to score some rinse but that appeared to be a struggle. earlier -- to score some runs but that appeared to be a struggle. os down with two on. reynolds hits a sinker to septemberer field. that scores two -- center field and that scores two runs. reynolds delivers where the os
6:54 pm
have been failing. and that road trip will continue to cleveland tomorrow. that's also a four-game series. this reminder, saturday, masn, see the os and indians, right here. first pitch at 7:00. opening round play. the british open, in england where talk has been how tough the course and conditions are. it's just talk for now. the weather turned out to be nice. the sos are low -- the scores are low and this man threatened the record. he died the record. it's not supposed to be that easy but adam scott has one- shot lead with his effort. tiger woodses had the lead for part of the day. this one on the fourth hole. he sank another one. woods is 3-under where -- 3- under par. also in england, olympic preparations. and carmelo anthony, not in the
6:55 pm
starting lineup e was fine coming off the -- lineup e was fine coming off the -- lineup. he was fine come off the bench. 118-78, the final. the united states is the gold medal favorite and they will open up play in london a week from sunday when they play france in the opening. i would be surprised if they --,
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6:58 pm
dozens of people set sale. huge crowds flocked to sea to see whales and even a dreamliner at the 42nd annual milk carton derby. big points were given out for creativity and even bigger points for staying afloat. >> i like it. that's it for us tonight. we're back at 11:00. >> thank you for watching wjz's maryland news station. don't go away. much more ahead >> pelley: tonight a warning of a new epidemic. whooping cough, a dangerous
6:59 pm
and contagious disease that was nearly wiped out is back. dr. jon lapook is on the story. >> caught on tape this is the suicide bomber who attacked israeli tourists, john miller is investigating the case. this is no ode wildfire, it's a phenomenon known as a megafire. m sanjayan reports on why they are happening now. >> we will show why they will create megaforms and guaranteed to destroy homes. >> pelley: and when life dealt the woman who lives here a limitment johnny decide to make lemonade, wyatt andrews on giving back. >> she helped us, and now it's time to help her. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. whooping cough sounds like a disease from an earlier age but we learn today that we're in the

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